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E61 - Robin Stoltman - Healing for the Soul

August 2, 2022

Robin Stoltman is an Intuitive Mindset Expert, Certified Hypnotherapist and the founder and CEO of Healing for the Soul. Her mission is to help parents unlock the power of their mind to get anything they want both personally and professionally.

Robin was inspired to create her company after surviving multiple childhood traumas, a severe brain injury and then having Minnesota Child Protective Services steal her first son at just four days old without any court orders or proof. Now she helps people in releasing negative emotions, anxiety, and self-limiting beliefs related to any and all of life’s challenges.

In addition to her diploma in Hypnotherapy, Robin has a total of 26 certifications related to the mind and healing in addition to her having earned a diploma in hypnotherapy along with a directors award from the US’s only accredited college of hypnotherapy and she has been featured nationally and locally on US Radio

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