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E63 - Jem Fuller - The Art of Conscious Communication

August 16, 2022

This week’s guest I have interviewed before about his separation from his wife 10 years ago and now his co parenting tips.

He has also written some books which provoke important conversations.

His first book, What Matters Most, is the distillation of the most important and effective strategies taught on his Conscious Series retreats in the Himalaya, Bali and Australia. It covers 4 conversations in a free easy read are:

  • Identity – Relationship with Self
  • Connection – The Greater System, Humility and Flow
  • Purpose – Meaning, Significance and Contribution
  • Others – EQ, Collaboration and Compassion

He has now written a second book - The Art of Conscious Communication: A Series.

The first book – for thoughtful men encourages us to rewrite the stereotypes of men; to access our emotions and abilities and to expand our self-awareness.

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