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E68 - Kaye Parker - The Trauma of Miscarriage

E68 - Kaye Parker - The Trauma of Miscarriage

September 20, 2022

This week’s guest was born in St. Catharine’s, Ontario, Canada and was adopted at birth.

She is a mother of 3 amazing children and over the last 3 years she has had to deal with so many challenges, all which pales when compared to the trauma of losing her son. The word "miscarriage" doesn't properly paint the picture of the horror and deep trauma that Kaye - and others who live through this - endure. She is coming on Strong, single, and human to hopefully help anyone who has been through a similar experience to heal and talk about their feels

She is an increasingly well-known influencer in the mental health space and the host of "Trials and Tribulations," where she shares her struggles and interviews others about theirs

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E67 - Michelle Mitchell - Self Harming and your Teen

E67 - Michelle Mitchell - Self Harming and your Teen

September 13, 2022

This week’s guest has been on the podcast before and is back to talk to us about the very worrying subject of Self harming that seems to be happening more and more in schools and with Kids nowadays.

She began her career as a classroom teacher but quit and established a harm prevention charity, called Youth Excel. she soon became well known for successful outcomes with tweens and teenagers who did not flourish under more traditional forms of therapy.

Over the next 20 years, Youth Excel continued to grow and expand. The Youth Excel Centre was established – a multi-disciplinary clinic offering psychology, counselling, mentoring for children and teenagers.

Today she uses her experience to write and speak in schools, community events and through media. Her best-selling parenting and children’s resources, including the highly popular Everyday Resilience Journal, have sold over 100,000 copies worldwide and have been translated into several languages.

She has been termed the ‘teenage expert’ by the media and is sought after for her compassionate, and grounded advice. Her innovative work has been featured on The Today Show, Today Tonight and Channel 10 Morning News and Sky News, as well as countless print media including The Age, The Courier Mail and The Daily Telegraph.  You can hear her on radio in Australia on a weekly basis.

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E66 - Sabrina Osso - A New Way to Deal with Domestic Violence

E66 - Sabrina Osso - A New Way to Deal with Domestic Violence

September 6, 2022

This week’s guest is Founder and CEO of OSSO SAFE…Feel safe where you live, work, and play.   She is a TEDx Speaker, Real Estate Agent, and Consultant on promoting safety and preventing violence in the workplace, schools, and in places of residence.  Sabrina’s personal and professional experience with the subject allows her to bring a unique and holistic approach as a solution.  By combining education and technology, we can save lives and bottom lines. 

She is also a professional dancer/teacher who uses her performance abilities to educate on the subject. 

Her TEDx presentation at New Jersey City University can be viewed online. Its title is "If You're a Victim of Home Violence, Don't Leave...Stay". and she has done over 80+ radio podcast interviews to shine the spotlight on entrepreneurs doing amazing things

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E65 - Doug Noll - How to Calm an Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less

E65 - Doug Noll - How to Calm an Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less

August 30, 2022

This week’s guest is an award-winning author, speaker, and trainer. After 22 years as a trial lawyer, he became a peacemaker and mediator. Today, he helps people solve deep and intractable conflicts and teaches others to do what he does teaching Decision Making Under Uncertainty Conflict.

He is the co-founder of the award-winning Prison of Peace Project, in which he teaches murderers in maximum security prisons to be peacemakers and mediators.

He has trained mediators and leaders in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia in his innovative peacemaking and mediation processes. He has personally mediated over 1,500 disputes, including sexual abuse cases in the Catholic Church and criminal victim-offender cases.

His honours include California Lawyer Magazine Attorney of the Year, a Purpose Prize Fellow, and Best Lawyers of America Lawyer of the Year.

And if all that wasn’t enough - he has written four books - his latest released on September 12, 2017, entitled De-Escalate: How to Calm an Angry Person in 90 Seconds or Less (Atria/Beyond Words).

  • Elusive Peace: How Modern Diplomatic Strategies Could Better Resolve World Conflicts
  • Peacemaking: Practicing at the Intersection of Law and Human Conflict
  • Sex, Politics & Religion at the Office: The New Competitive Advantage

He is the creator of online video courses in legal negotiation and emotional de-escalation and has conducted dozens of webinars. His video offerings on YouTube have garnered over 87,000 views.

Doug's special offering to podcast listeners

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E64 - Terry Tucker - As long as you don’t quit, you can never be defeated

E64 - Terry Tucker - As long as you don’t quit, you can never be defeated

August 23, 2022

Today’s guest has been a college basketball player, Customer Service Manager then after his daughter was born, he became a police officer with the Cincinnati Police Department, where I was a SWAT Hostage Negotiator.  

In early 2012 he was diagnosed with a rare form of Melanoma, which presented on the bottom of my foot. By the time the melanoma was detected, it had metastasized to a lymph node in my groin.

After two surgeries to remove the tumours, he was put on a weekly injection of the drug, Interferon, to help keep the disease from coming back. 

He took those weekly injections for almost 5 years before the Interferon became so toxic to my body that I ended up in the Intensive Care Unit with a fever of 108 degrees.  

There were times he felt so poorly and was in so much agony that he prayed to die. Each day was a struggle to use his mind to override his body's apathy and distress.

One thing he learnt during all his pain and suffering is that you have two choices. You can succumb to the debilitating discomfort and misery, or you can learn to embrace it and use it to make you a stronger and better human being and he chose the latter.

I realize pain and discomfort can beat you to your knees and keep you there if you let it. But I also came to appreciate that I could use my hurting and anguish to make me stronger and more resolute.

He has recently written a book, entitled Sustainable Excellence, Ten Principles to Leading Your Uncommon and Extraordinary Life, to help people find and live their uncommon and extraordinary life. His hope is that people who read the book will lead a life of significance, as well as a life of success. 

If there is one thing, he’s learnt is that as long as you don’t quit, you can never be defeated.

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E63 - Jem Fuller - The Art of Conscious Communication

E63 - Jem Fuller - The Art of Conscious Communication

August 16, 2022

This week’s guest I have interviewed before about his separation from his wife 10 years ago and now his co parenting tips.

He has also written some books which provoke important conversations.

His first book, What Matters Most, is the distillation of the most important and effective strategies taught on his Conscious Series retreats in the Himalaya, Bali and Australia. It covers 4 conversations in a free easy read are:

  • Identity – Relationship with Self
  • Connection – The Greater System, Humility and Flow
  • Purpose – Meaning, Significance and Contribution
  • Others – EQ, Collaboration and Compassion

He has now written a second book - The Art of Conscious Communication: A Series.

The first book – for thoughtful men encourages us to rewrite the stereotypes of men; to access our emotions and abilities and to expand our self-awareness.

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E62 - Zanni Louise - Children’s Author Extraordinaire

E62 - Zanni Louise - Children’s Author Extraordinaire

August 9, 2022

This weeks guest has been writing stories since she was little, growing up in country NSW. Author of over twenty-five kids’ books, including bestselling picture book series Human-Kind and Errol, She has been long-listed for CBCA Awards and short-listed for the Australian Book Design Awards. Her book Persistence was highly commended in the Australian Education Publishing Awards and Human-Kind was voted best picture book series by Bookstagang. 

Her books are published in over twenty foreign territories. She also runs a picture book course online each year and if that wasn’t enough teaches picture books and chapter books at the Australian Writers Centre, offers private mentoring, and travels to schools and festivals across Australia, helping creatives achieve their writing dreams.  

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E61 - Robin Stoltman - Healing for the Soul

E61 - Robin Stoltman - Healing for the Soul

August 2, 2022

Robin Stoltman is an Intuitive Mindset Expert, Certified Hypnotherapist and the founder and CEO of Healing for the Soul. Her mission is to help parents unlock the power of their mind to get anything they want both personally and professionally.

Robin was inspired to create her company after surviving multiple childhood traumas, a severe brain injury and then having Minnesota Child Protective Services steal her first son at just four days old without any court orders or proof. Now she helps people in releasing negative emotions, anxiety, and self-limiting beliefs related to any and all of life’s challenges.

In addition to her diploma in Hypnotherapy, Robin has a total of 26 certifications related to the mind and healing in addition to her having earned a diploma in hypnotherapy along with a directors award from the US’s only accredited college of hypnotherapy and she has been featured nationally and locally on US Radio

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E60 - Brenda Millar - How to bully proof your child

E60 - Brenda Millar - How to bully proof your child

July 26, 2022

This week’s guest is returning to talk about bullying and has taught conscious conflict resolution in six countries and is the author of four books:

  • The Kid Code - 30 Second Parenting Strategies,
  • Blessing Mistakes,
  • Tuskie’s Travels.
  • Bully Proof Yourself & Your Kids,

Brenda Millar has been in private practice for twenty years where she’s devoted herself to helping people free themselves from upsets and inner conflict—in 30 seconds! Her favourite discovery has been that joy is natural for all human beings—no exceptions. She helps parents and their kids rediscover theirs by doing one of these strategies every time a negative state appears.

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E59 - Babs Faseesin - Cracking the Code on Life

E59 - Babs Faseesin - Cracking the Code on Life

July 19, 2022

This week’s guest is an expert at leveraging the power of brands to secure the competitive edge, he has worked on projects for several leading brands across North America, Europe, and Africa, including Samsung, Coca-Cola, Toyota, Procter and Gamble, and Nestlé among others.

When the Covid-19 pandemic caused the world to shut down, the lenses through which he viewed life changed. He quickly went from being on the plane a few times a week to being in pyjamas all day, every day and while many of my friends saw this as challenge, He saw a unique opportunity to put his message on the pages of a book “cracking the Life Code”.

He says “Life does not come with a manual; however, if you master your mindset, behaviours, and habits so you can navigate life better and achieve personal success and teach children this from a very early age can affect their health, happiness, and wellbeing as well

Born and raised in Nigeria, he lives in New York City now, where he enjoys food photography, hiking, and conquering a goal of traveling to all 50 states.

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